All of our staff may be contacted on: (02) 9261 2311.


Brett Fielding accounts payable / receivable / enquiries
Rob Tillman account enquiries

Court Filing

Ken Middleton supreme / federal court / family court / local court

Govt Departments

Ken Middleton births deaths & marriages / liquor licence board / dept gaming & racing


Brett Fielding dealing lodgement / enquiries
Kevin Jessop complicated plan enquiries / plan lodgement
Steve Middleton Document Lodgement / enquiries
Rob Tillman plan lodgement / enquiries

Office Management

Kevin Jessop operations manager

Old System

Neville Phillips old system searching / lodgements


Rob Tillman online enquiries / helpdesk

OSR Stamping

Anne Foster document stamping / enquiries

Property Enquiries

Steve Middleton property enquiries / helpdesk


John Bach settlements
Anne Foster settlements supervisor
Michelle Geake settlements