Dear Valued Clients


As of 1 September 2023 the Supreme Court Probate Office NSW have mandated that all Probate Applications must be lodged electronically, more recently Kane’s Registration Services have been attending the Probate Office and manually lodging Probate Applications for several clients as they prefer the security and peace of mind this service provides.


Once electronic lodgement commences this raises the question of what happens with the original Will – The original Will still has to be made available to the Probate Office, this will presumably be done via manual lodgement at the Probate Office or via post.


As of 1st September 2023 Kane’s Registration Services will be offering the service of manually lodging the original Will at the Supreme Court Probate Office to connect up with electronically filed Probate Applications, we believe this service will provide surety and peace of mind and an added layer of security regarding this very important document.


Once the Will has been lodged/connected with the Probate Application we will provide confirmation and evidence of lodgement, our fee for this service will be $55.00 incl gst per matter.


Thank you for your consideration of the above, please feel free to contact me with any further enquiries regarding this or any other services we are able to provide.

Date: 04 Sep 2023