Covid-19 Services Update

Kane's Registration Services are still operating as normal throughout the Sydney CBD.

At this stage the lock downs haven't affected our ability to continue to provide registration and other services for our clients, we are however doing our very best to limit personal contact and are currently working from home but also attending the CBD on a daily basis.

Most administration centres including Land Registry Services and various Courts are still in operation but as the situation evolves this could change at any moment, we will of course provide updates in this regard.

The impact on our ability to provide our usual registration and other services has been minimal, however there may be some small delays in document processing as staff numbers within these administration centres may be further impacted by the virus or the decision to self isolate.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this difficult period affecting all of us, please stay safe and healthy and feel free to contact any of our friendly staff for help or assistance on this or any other matters.

Kind Regards

Rob Tillman


Date: 23 Mar 2020